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Mexican cuisine and more in Maple Shade.


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Order was made up to standard, which is good because I'm a high standard guy. Food was delicious, which is good because I'm a high flavor guy. Food looked delicious, which is good because I'm a high food looking delicious guy. Food smelled good, which is good because I'm a good smelling food type of guy. I was given large quantities of food for an acceptable price, which Is good because I'm a pay as little for as much food as possible type of guy. Also this place has Monster and Red Bull energy drinks, which is good for when im PWNing noobs on COD. Would recommend!


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I have only gotten mexican from here not italian, but it has pretty much always been good! Highly recommend the pastor tacos. Anything with chorizo is good. I got the chorizo con papas burrito though and was disappointed because it seemed to be all potato and no meat which was a little strange. the mexican apps are really cheap and filling.


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Decided to order on a whim after seeing the great reviews. Was not disappointed. The people have spoken - really great wings with a sweet tang. Tried the second hottest sauce and they were perfect. Shrimp platter was huge and so fresh. Pork burrito was equally satisfying. I will definitely be ordering again.


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Great food very authentic, the only thing I don't care for is the miniscule amount of chips that come with the guacamole. Even if I were to take gigantic, borderline unpleasant bites I would still have guacamole left over in the container due to the amount of chips.


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Nachos were good, the chips were hot and crispy and fresh. The veggie burrito was messy, but really delicious. The chicken in the flauta was a little dry and bland but overall everything was really good, arrived earlier than estimated. Will definitely order again.

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